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The gallery goes camping! In early August we parked at Reid Lake Campground - an hour and 15 (give or take) from YK. It was a wonderful, site-specific art show, as featured artist Natalie Makletzoff has painted Reid Lake and surrounding area for years. She also offered a free watercolour workshop to campers in the day-use shelter. 

From Natalie's statement: 

Reid Lake holds a special place in my heart , it's the place where I brought my new camper to relish in nature while working on painting its beauty over a period of three summers. The little art studio, the daily walks, playing with children and visiting with others refreshed my soul each summer.


Reid Lake is where I found out people who barely knew me would help set the camper up, (backing in) haha..levelling, propane stove not lighting, boon docking explained and generator loaned and refilled twice so my power would return. Keys dove for when mistakenly thrown into

the lake... and so many more adventures in learning about using a camper. Driving an outboard motor to capture across the lake images, canoeing with friends... and listening to the amazing calls of a dozen loons nightly, the sound of the rain on the canvas of my camper and the rolling thunder...mosquitos that drive you nuts. Yes my life at the lake was a daily inspiration and joy and I hope my paintings reflect this. Of course the marvellous nights and fires until the stars actually would come out ...Augusts. Swimming in a warmed up lake.

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