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Feral Feelings, Fading Flora : (Old Town, Yellowknife)

Artists Statement:

Feral Feelings, Fading Flora is a two person show featuring collaborative and individual drawings by Nicole Haywood (AB) and Haley Craw (UK). Both artists share key themes in their practices, drawing emotional bodies that explore personal mythology, mental health, and perception. Motifs emerge of wild women with unruly hair, limbs transforming into leaves, and bodies with indeterminate boundaries portray several shifting selves. The work in the exhibition explores the permeability of borders, where bodies merge with the landscape and travel through dreamlike, psychological spaces. Working on several collaborative works, some sent between Canada and the United Kingdom, each artist went through the process of unravelling and contributing to the narrative of each other's work. Through this process the marks from each artist's hand became intertwined, resulting in a shared visual language.  This shared language portrays the impact of relationships on constructing our perception of ourselves and the world around us, and how that story is ever transforming and infinitely complex. The figures embody emotional strength, power rooted in the embrace of feelings that have gone feral, fading in and out of the flora.   

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