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CHOICES REMAIN, curated by Catharine Livingstone, featured art made by seniors in care (some living with dementia), and their care partners. It travelled to the Avens community for Seniors in Yellowknife, and at -15, was our first winter show.

"This exhibition is a celebration of what it means to have choices and options in the creative process, something which is often removed from the equation once an artist is no longer the main facilitator of their own time and space...

Tactile, a series of intimate portraits, was co-created between residents of Avens and their care partners. Tactile touch can be a meaningful therapy, opening up communication for reminiscing. Each photograph represents the resident's own choice of fabric and pose. 

Tangles features over 300 individual chenille pipe cleaner and yarn twists. Each twist reflects the residents choice of colour and material, and each reflects their unique mood, temperament, and personality at the time of creation. As the project progressed, care partners noticed the coincidental resemblance of the mass of twists to the protein plaques found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease.

Also included in the show are props, photos, and puppets from Time Slips: A Tale of Love and Fading Memory, written and created by Rose Scott and performed by The Kestral Puppet players. The play, originally staged at NACC in Yellowknife in October 2019, animates the stories and memories of Rose's mother Eva, now living with dementia. For this show, Rose has created a beautiful fractured photo-portrait of her mother when young."

-Catharine Livingstone

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