2020 Fish Craft poster.jpg

In September 2020, art gallery of NWT collaborated with the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and their Fish Craft event, celebrating Crafted NWT. We hosted A-lured; works by Anne Steeves, and parked outside the Centre. 

Anne (Cumberland, BC) uses craft techniques and traditional crafty materials to fashion fantastical and imaginative fishing lures. She combines felting, weaving, and pom-pom making with trash salvaged from various shorelines. Each lure is a response to individual bodies of water (Rideau Canal – Between Kingston and Ottawa, Saysutshun (Newcastle Island) in BC, Red River in Winnipeg, and others). Some pieces also use materials donated from local residents and fisher people. 


Of course the lures don’t really work to attract fish, but Anne tries them out anyway. She casts them into the water and photographs the various ways each lure interacts with the water. She is interested in imaginative gestures and enjoys how the various materials ‘play.’