Our pilot season is complete (yay!) and we learned so much, namely: how to stage exhibitions in the cold, how to operate our inverter/battery system, and how important it is to hire someone with real parking skills for those tight spots. 


We are now ready to accept applications!  


Are you an artist or craftsperson who would like to show with us? Or, do you have a great idea for a show you’d like to organize/curate?


Please email ykarcc@gmail.com with a short exhibition proposal and up to 5 images of your work by April 15, 2020.

***We pay you artists fees and reimburse shipping costs.****


Please note, our gallery is not to be used as a commercial space. If you have work for sale in YK or around the Territory that is the same or similar as your exhibition proposal, we will be unable to show your work. We are looking for new, original work, in any media. Questions about this? Just ask! 


Also, please give us the following info:

1. your address

2. a short bio: 2 or 3 sentences will suffice.

3. If you are in YK, can you help gallery-sit?

4. If 2D, is the work ready to hang? (framed, or with hanging hardware, etc) If 3D, will you require plinths/tables?


Specs: The gallery has one long wall that is 16 feet long and 6.5 feet high, one shorter wall (because of side door) that is 12 feet long, and one back wall that is 8 feet long. 


If our curatorial team is excited by the potential of your work to pair well with another artist(s), we might make suggestions! 


*Yes, applications from outside the Territory will be considered.